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Problems with Sellerkey - Trying to get Manufacturer's names

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24 Sep 07 11:36:44 pm
I just joined Saleho and I'm trying to feel my way around before I post an auction using a dropshipper.

I found sellerky and found some of their products to be very reasonable but I have two concerns:
First, I contacted them to ask how many of a product they have before I post an auction so that I will be able to gauge myself if the product will be there for dropshipping when buyer pays. Sellerkey said they never post item inventory but 'not to worry'. This is scary. Maybe I'm overreacting?

Secondly, some of their less expensive equipment such as digital cameras don't have manufacturer name.
Most customers will want to know who makes the item before buying it...Sellerkey says they are sales people and don't always know the manufacturer.

Any advice as I'm uncomfortable selling without knowing all the facts.


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24 Sep 07 11:47:30 pm
Hi Mike
My only dealings with seller key were not good ones. I was scammed on one deal. However they have some members who are verified and do get back to queries etc, but I would not trade with any free members. I bought some small goods Mp4 players through it and they came with clear packaging and chinese writing on the outside.NO NAME brands they were advertised as apple ipods!
Hope this helps.

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24 Sep 07 11:53:36 pm
I agree. No name brands will only bring unhappy buyer and negative feedbacks w/ returns.

Can you recommend who you have found to be reliable and if you don't mind, what do you mean by free members?

Thanks for your reply,

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25 Sep 07 12:33:45 am
Use Link hidden: Login to view

They sell real branded products.
Many many electricals at very good prices.

I bought 3 sony ericsson S500i
Very nice phone.
Took them to a phone shop and had them checked out and they were real genuin phones.
I was happy and my customers are very happy with them.

Hope this helps.

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29 Sep 07 10:43:25 pm
Actually, SellerKey is very good but any of their 'free members' who just signed up to be a seller are going to be bad.

I would avoid anyone who just signed up like the plague. If possible, start a conversation with them and talk to George or someone there.

They are very responsive and helpful all the time regarding orders. They are MUCH more reliable then certain places, though they aren't completely better than DHGate....they just have less counterfeits or issues to deal with.

SellerKey is overall a good place to trade if you can start a conversation, and get a brand name product. The manufacturer will be listed for instance: Canon. The others you should avoid.

And really SellerKey is very easy to use and has all its own reviews written about it so check Salehoo's official reviews. Its a good bet.

But its NOT scam free, so don't deal with anyone you aren't sure about.

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8 Oct 07 01:10:18 pm
answer the author's two question

1.the reason they never post item inventory and say 'do not worry' is that they themself may not have products in stock while he could get as many products as you require from dropshippers.
those free members always do this.

2.never expect to buy the worldwide brand name products at a cheap price since those good products would only be sold by some registed sellers.
it is not a good choice to buy brand name products in china from the online shop.
to buy cheap china native products is OK.


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