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1 May 12 12:05:09 am
Hi, I am new to this buying in bulk/wholesale ordeal. I want to make this post to see what my expectations should be when I place an order from a supplier. I have 2 scenarios:

1. I placed and paid for an order on April 18. I received an email confirmation today that my order just got shipped. I am not trying to be critical, but is 12 days a normal time for your order to be shipped? It just seems like a long time to be waiting for the order to be shipped after it's been paid for.
Note: I sent them a couple of emails regarding my order and received no replies. Irene stepped in and I pmed her my order, and I recieved the email confirmation from them the same day.

2. I placed an order from a different supplier on Friday. I haven't paid for my order yet as they told me they will call me and tell me what my shipping rate is going to be. I called the company and left them a voicemail today. I'm not expecting them to call back 5 minutes after I placed the order, but am I being too impatient for expecting a call to finish this order.

Sorry about the long post, but I just want to know what my expectations should be.

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1 May 12 05:30:13 am
Hi Threeiskey,

We apologize for the inconvenience. I wasn't able to reach them thru phone, because based on their automated message, my number has a blocked identification and hence they cannot accept my call. I sent them messages at their website and also at 2 email addresses I found as their contact details. I have included your question on the 12 days it took them to ship. I will be updating you as soon as they reply.

We understand completely what you mean, waiting for the return call. Remember that like all businesses, suppliers do close at night and during the weekends. Most suppliers operate 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.

Phone is often a much more effective way of contacting suppliers than email. Suppliers often have a backlog of support emails to deal with, so sometimes it may take them a few days for them to get back to you. Whereas with phone, you get priority straight away.

If the supplier still hasn't contacted you after 3 business days, please email us their name, email address, and url so that we can follow up.

Take care.


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2 May 12 12:13:53 pm
Hi again Threeiskey,

I would like to update you on the reply sent by OCSurplus. I am pasting the entire message below (will mask your full name for privacy) -

Thank you very much for your support and also for the feedback. I am the operation manager here at and I have cc’d Mr. *** in this email as well.

1- I have contacted Mr. *** and explained to him that according to our shipping and handling policy which is fully documented on the website, it may take up to 7 business days (not 7 days) for us to process and ship certain items. Since we have multiple warehouses throughout the United States, orders will be usually break down to smaller orders and will be shipped separately. In this case, one item (the Lunch Box) had to be shipped from a different warehouse.

2- I have checked our mail server and couldn’t find any emails from Mr. *** since he placed his order on April 18. Our automated email response system will automatically send our Shipping Q/A to all the emails that comes through our support system.

Should you have any question regarding this complaint, please contact me directly at 949-313-7877 ext. 14

Again, thank you for your feedback and I hope we can serve you better in the future.

Very Best,

Farzin Andrew Espahani

Phone: 949-313-7877

Fax: 949-266-8419

Let me know if there is anything I need to relay to him. Hope this helps. :)



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