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RightWholesale.com - feedback needed

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4 Sep 07 10:25:07 am
hi everyone
just what to know if anyone has dealt with RightWholesale.com
they are based in china and i think they're another branch of chinavasion. they sell basically the same product and there web page is almost the same but they don't have any contact number which i'm not sure what to think of them?
if anybody have dealt with them i would to hear about your experience with them
thank you

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4 Sep 07 09:41:43 pm
I have been dealing with rightwholesale for a month and i have spent around 3500 USD and everything i have ordered has been delivered within 3 to 5 days in perfect working order in box and good thing is they accept paypal.
I hope this helps with your search.

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4 Sep 07 09:50:50 pm
thanks a million vigilanteshop really appreciate your feed back, just had to confirm if they were real or fake. without contact number you never can be sure.
once again thank you.

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10 Sep 07 01:47:34 am
Hi ohhyeah
I too have been dealing with Rightwholesale.com for sometime now and yes they are really good. I too have had orders shipped in with 3 to 5 days from time of payment. They also ship direct to the customer if you wish.
Their products are not brand name, so what ever you do dont try selling one of their items and claiiming it is a known brand, this can get you into some serious trouble, you however can compare them to a known brand.
If you need any further assistance send a message of to them and Christina will reply back to you usually with an hour or so.
They are one of my major suppliers.

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18 Sep 07 11:18:44 am
thanks cowie, your response and vigilantes has help me alot, i am now in progress of ordering from them,
they seem to have alot of good product, and will keep it mind that they're no name products.
once again thanks guy's you have been so helpful

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18 Sep 07 02:55:43 pm
Can anyone help me with this?
I am maybe order for 2000 USD and i get a shipping cost for 1000 USD to Sweden? think thats too mutch.

Shipping via TNT
Online Tracking. 6-12 days to major destinations.
Ship to: Sweden in 8 parcel(s) Unit W. : 9.19Kgs US$1,023.70

Is it that each paracel is weight of 9.19Kgs?
But i think my order is max 20Kgs

i got this on mail:
We could send your product by EMS, which could save your 20% carriage, if you think the price is too high. Besides, you will save 30% carriage if you like your products unpackaged.

What do you think the shipping price should be?

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2 Nov 07 06:05:53 pm
i think that rightwholesale.com are probably owned or run by the same people as chinavasion because of the similar products and the layout as well as the ability to switch currencies.

might be wrong but they are very very similar


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