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26 Feb 07 12:49:18 am
Anyone had luck with these? I wondering exactly what their real difinition of salvage is?

I sell computer stuff and have been looking at them for a while now but hte salvage kinds scares me.

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26 Feb 07 04:48:37 am
The salvage lots are basically untested. With alot of items with possible and noticable damage. And mostly in non working or partionaly non functional condition. This is only good for spare parts.

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28 Feb 07 02:11:51 pm
I purchased a small 'salvage' lot of Hrad drives on That was the best $600+ ever wasted even worse I had to pay some $120 to get rid of the lot at my recycling center.

We got 30 hard drives the only 400gb had a short, the 200gb (4) were broken etc.. the only working one was a 20Gb you could sell for pennies.

Depending on lots, it can be: 'you pay for their trashes'.


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