- are they legit?

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1 Aug 08 03:58:57 pm
Hi Guys,

Just need some helps from you guys. I got this website from SaleHoo. Are they legit? Anyone doing business with them? I want to buy a pallet of bedding sets they wanted me to do wire transfer (going to my bank and send money to them). Is it safe to do that with this company? Please leave me some inputs. Thank you very much.

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1 Aug 08 04:45:00 pm
Hi Joce
i'd be interested to know about this company as well.
I called their 800# and a man answered who seemed very helpful.
I asked him if they have any samples I could purchase and he said the minimum unit amount is 500 pieces. He was very nice though and said that his buyers seem to do very well with all his merchandise.

maybe you should call him and ask about the 'cherry picking' that Jimmy constantly warns us about - I'd hate to spend all that money and then find that the majority of it is in poor condition.

I look forward to being able to do liquidation stuff -just too cost prohibitive right now.

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1 Aug 08 06:42:16 pm
they call it salvage for a reason. While the company may be ok to deal with, be sure to read their T.O.S. Most salvage pallets, especially if in gaylords (big cardboard box sitting on pallet) are 60-70% junk.
Even salvage pallets can be expected to have 30-40% unsaleable and damaged items. Keep this in mind when pricing. If they offer new orcr pallets that would be your best bet. They are a lot of wholesalers out there in the pallet business selling useless junk. Be very careful, research much as you can before buying. Then place as small initial order as possible to check out firsthand their offers. :)

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1 Aug 08 09:18:58 pm
Be very careful when buying from a liquidator. Ask them if the product is a real pallet or if it is in a Gaylord. its a sure sign of cherry picking if they are in a gaylord.

Retailers do not stack pallets in gaylords. Boxes come from many different retail outlets from a retailer. Not just one store. So when they build the pallets they stack pallets with boxes they got from many other stores. A liquidator sorts everything they get, take out the best products for their own sales and puts the rest in gaylords and sells them in bulk. Generally in 3-6 pallet minimums. This is because they know you may not buy from them again because those 6 pallets are full of 70% damaged junk.

Huge minimum orders is also a bad sign. Generally if a liquidator is not willing to offer smaller minimums like less then a hundred units then they know you wont be back to buy from them again so they will take you for a ride and hide behind their sales agreements.

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