Scam On Ebay - Sellers Be Careful

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10 Oct 06 11:59:37 pm
Stupid me just got scammed. I was sent a message asking a question on one of my items, I clicked on the link in the message and it took me to the ebay sign in page - which I remember thinking was a bit strange but I signed in anyway - which took me to a stupid page with a picture of a phone and that was it.

Anyway, turned out it was a scam to get my password, it wasn't really ebays page so when I signed in the scammer got my password.

Thankfully ebay picked up on it - I'll give them that much they were quick to sort it out - and changed my password. So no harm done.

But just be wary if you receive any messages that take you to the sign in page - don't sign in.

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11 Oct 06 08:25:21 am
I have had that happen to me. I consider myself intelligent,but must admit I should have seen the warning signs as well.

Please beware: When someone sends a question and their screen name appears as 'Xydg373' STAY AWAY, do not open it, just delete it. Now the above is not the actual screen name of the person who was phishing for my password, but you get the idea.

While Ebay did catch on about a day later, after the scammer tried posting a listing under my name, my account was suspended for a few days while it got sorted out and I had 15 current auctions going that got cancelled.

Needless to say it was a big pain in the *ss.

Learn from our mistakes. Thanks for reading my 2 cents :-)

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11 Oct 06 02:19:56 pm
Rule of thumb.....very important..NEVER click on any matter what...sometimes if you pass your mouse over the link without clicking the can read the URL to where that link is located.......

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11 Oct 06 09:31:29 pm
good advice for everyone. I get them in my emails all the time.

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13 Oct 06 07:28:39 pm
Watch out for buyers who bid and win your itom waist your time then ask if you can mail it to nigeria what you do is set your prefernces so no bidders with a -1 feedback or any bidders with a feedback less than 5 dont let these scammers waitst your time beware

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11 Nov 06 05:37:13 am
A little tip.

If you hover your mouse over the link and look at the bottom left hand corner of your browser it will show the actual link you are about to go to. Scammers will have a link image with their address embedded in it. If you see a link for in a message like that, put your mouse over the link and look down and you'll see something other than as the actual site you're about to go to.

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11 Nov 06 10:59:28 am
The best way around all of this is to only reply to messages that are directly available in 'My Ebay' If you get a email that is related to Ebay in your personal email and the same message does not appear in your 'My Ebay' inbox then it is a scam. Ebay started this message system for this very reason.

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12 Nov 06 03:20:40 am
The best tip is never answer any emails from ebay or paypal . The same messages would come to your messages folder that you can access directly from ebay.

And paypal sends messages directly through your main page never click on any link that says its from paypal.

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15 Jan 07 08:27:14 am
I've gotten scammed before. But I soon realised it when I the url is revealed. Anything web sites that showed up without the or get reported for phishing.

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24 Dec 14 04:46:44 am
I have video proof of ebay Scam Buyer.. Buyer bought Printer - next day said printer didn't work.. Print head doesn't move.. He wanted refund.. This was a factory sealed item.. Buyer eventually opened case - and won instantly.. Buyer sent back item - with broken side cover of printer.. The print head moves perfectly.. I had my pickup and opening filmed by media crew at the post office in front of witnesses.. Ebay didn't even care.. Had 6 different reps (with ID's of Calls) say 6 different things. I have seamless UN-edited of undeniable proof of that buyer lied.. Ebay still doesn't care.. I believe I have proof that could be used as evidence for how scam ebay buyers work

I was determined to prove my point.. I got scammed.. No help for the seller.. There is proof of Buyers message.. But his only message to me contradicts obvious facts..

Tom T

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25 Dec 14 09:22:38 pm
Ebay is pro scammers !!!


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