Shenzhen Deming Technology

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4 Jun 07 04:29:30 pm
Hi.. I am checking out this manufacturer. Has anyone had any dealings with them in the past? I verified the phone numbers are land lines, their DNS records are registered in Shenzhen CN, I have emailed a few times and have gotten prompt replies, found some web references (including a review of one of their products on a 3rd party site) and no specific fraud/scam warnings. All in all I am feeling pretty good they are legit.

Has anyone dealt with them before?

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4 Jun 07 07:39:15 pm
well honestly chances are the company is legit, the products may not be of very high quality though just depends. i haven't delt with them before but most shenzhen based companies are pretty good since the owners are usually from hong kong. another thing to keep in mind to is that sometimes people get upset and post fraud or scam info on a company based on a problem they had. their is still a huge communication gap so it could of been just a misunderstanding. just make sure that your clear on what your buying, ask a lot of questions. chinese are very indirect so you may have to ask the same questions 3 or 4 times different ways to get the answer your looking for.


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