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13 May 06 06:24:11 pm
Hey, has anyone ever heard of It's like a dropshipping web site where you have to become a broker. I filled out their application, but noone has contacted me. Is it one of those sites that try to charge you like $5000 to be a member? Has anyone become a broker? Somebody let me know something. I will tell you if they contact me.


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9 Jul 06 12:18:08 pm
Becareful spending $5000 om any site like this. We wouldn't recommend paying that sort of money to become a broker for any company!

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15 Jul 07 09:30:07 pm
I found this website as well. Can someone shed some insight.

Thank you

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16 Jul 07 04:29:37 am
Please review this post as it has some information from other members about this site.
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