Smart Living Company - anyone interested with this SMC?

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10 Dec 12 08:49:07 pm
Does anyone have an interest in working with this company? The products are good, and relatively cheap, as is their shipping costs.

The reason I'm asking is that I have a lifetime membership, and access to the site, I'd be willing to help anyone out that might be interested.

Maybe we could work together for a share of the profits?

I also have some custom X-Cart software with a license available.

Your thoughts?

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12 Dec 12 01:31:42 am
I was a yearly member a long time ago. but I wasn't impressed. At the time I became a yearly member because in a few of their advertisements they showed that they were selling Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wiis but when I became a member all I saw were the ACCESSORIES & the GAMES for them. I tried to sell some of their items on ebay but none were effective. After the year I never renewed & gave the office negative feedback because of it. I'm wary of them even now as I have found other suppliers & looking for more to compare wholesale prices to get max profit. Rather than nickel and dime it every friggin week.

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29 Dec 12 07:24:27 am
I too had the same experience as Chibusinessman... and I also had difficulty selling their products... I just can't see paying a company to sell their products... in the end it's just not worth it if you're trying to make some kind of profit... I would stay away from them... go thru the directory here at Salehoo, there are lots of companys listed that you can do much better with without having to pay a membership fee... I'm pretty much new to Salehoo but I did find a company and just finished up negotiations with them and I have to say it was a very positive experience and I'm already making money with their products... it pays to take the time to research and then make some calls... :)

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4 Jan 13 03:26:25 pm
Most of what I wrote in Link hidden: Login to view old post is still relevant now. There's nothing at SMC one can't source more cheaply either from a broke and desperate SMC reseller, or directly from Chinese sources.


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