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2 Aug 08 06:37:48 am
Well, I have came across to several wholesalers and got my self finding a computer wholesaler, that lives around my area. However, He is a private wholesaler, so i cant go look at his inventory, He said that i must label what exactly i want. So, I was wondering if there are any computer experts out there, who could tell me, what computer items, where i could make a profit out of. I mainly sell games, but due to xbox 360 price drop, I ve been struggling, and I already swept most of the games out of my suppliers, so I figured I needed something to sell.

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11 Aug 08 08:43:20 am
I used to build and sell computers on ebay and I used to buy old computers and strip them down and resell the parts. One of my best sellers was the memory cards and video cards from these units. Processors are also a good seller as well.
I also used Link hidden: Login to view many times to buy bulk parts for resale on ebay and to buils computers I sold locally and on ebay.

But if you plan on building computers the best sellers are High end game machines and computers geared for graphics operation.

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