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25 Apr 07 05:02:15 pm
Hi All. I recently attended a seminar for StoresOnline to build my website and website hosting and such. I am totally new at this and have 3 days to cancel for a full refund. Has anyone else gone through them and are they good or should I cancel. I'm kinda freaking out.. it was a lot of money. They seem to be on the up and up.... but at the same time, can you really tell. I had done some research on different companies and to me, they seem to offer everything all in one spot.. If anyone has had a good or bad experience, please share :?


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25 Apr 07 08:30:12 pm
What all do they offer? It doesn't cost much to start a store.

You can start a free webstore at:
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Or for a website set up with your own email, domain name, add to cart checkout, and a great forum that the owner will answer your questions personally.
Try Link hidden: Login to view
$9.99 a month or $99.99 a year

Also join Link hidden: Login to view for free for more info. Great forum like Salehoo.

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26 Apr 07 04:23:16 am
Tracy, I HOPE you're dealing with a legit company, but a few years back I went to a similar seminar in a hotel here and heard how much $ we could make (1) with our website, (2) by getting into the candy vending route business and (3) by buying things 'wholesale' from a particular company there. It sounded too good to be true, but I took the plunged, and got SHAFTED. I got NOTHING for my $$$, and it ended up being several hundred dollars.
If they 'pressure' you to act and join today, I'd be very leery...who knows, this may be the same outfit, only they reorganized and operate under a different name now...good luck.


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26 Apr 07 04:09:54 pm
Yeah.. I don't think this is all it's cracked up to be. They made it seem as though we had all this support behind us and that using their software was a piece of cake and 'anyone' could do it. Well, I can't get a hold of them for help and I can't get a hold of them for cancelling (we had 3 days to cancel.. notice, it's the 3rd day and I can't get anyone!!..come tomorrow, when it's the day after the deadline, I'll be able to get a hold of just about anyone there!!). I did, however, get a hold of my credit card company to make them aware and to dispute the charges. StoresOnline had offered 6 websites for a large setup fee, initially, but only $24.95 a month for hosting it there after. It sounded like a great deal because they set up a merchant account so I can accept any credit card..not through paypal, and they had unlimited pages we could use,, and like I said, 24 hour support. I'm a sucker! I think I will try to set up a free website vs going through a large company and spending thousands. Can anyone tell me what exactly is the difference???? How can places allow websites to be developed for free??? Would it be MY website and I can promote it any way I'd like???

I thought I'd get less confused as I went along.. my gosh..NO WAY!

Thanks for your replies!!

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14 May 07 04:43:41 pm
I am helping a neighbor's friend set up her StoresOnline store. It is not as user friendly as they claim it is. I design and host my own sites and though I don't do shopping carts on them at this time (I am going to take a class on programming to get that part down) I found the StoresOnline stuff to be confusing and tedious to work through. It sounds great, but when you get in and actually start doing it things can be a little strange. Once you learn how it works it is not too bad, but the learning part of it... ick. Good luck to those selling and using it or any other program. I'll stick with my personal sites and design things myself. :-)

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19 May 07 08:23:54 pm
Sounds like another scammer to me. Remember whenever you check anything out, to check it out front to back forwards to backwards.

Its just common sense. This 'StoreOnline' crap is big on promises small on results.

Force the company you work with, whether its 'StoreOnline' or any new outfit, to give you 24 hour customer support if you're just starting out and have someone work with you.

If they don't write them off, and tell everyone to do the same.

False promises are a dishonorable disease and should be discouraged as much as possible. In this case, maybe they are expecting you to do all the advertising. If that's true, make sure they know your displeasure with their misleading statements.

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20 May 07 05:09:12 am
Stores online is a waste of time. I get many people locally talking about thier seminars. The only thing I ask Is how much and how often do you have to pay. Then I laught at them for being stupid and signing up and tell them that they could have done it 10 times cheaper if they did it by thier self and used most webhosting companies services and software to build the site themselves.

I had a conversation with a lady 3 weeks ago about this company. It definately seems like a pressure sales seminar.


Its the same deal as a timeshare seminar.

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4 Jun 07 06:27:40 am
Hello-Just reading about Storesonline,they are terrible. Banned from some states. Look them up at I think they paid the owner of that site to say they are changing their ways.
One woman had a site for a year w/no shopping cart, so no one
could buy anything! I had many problems with those people! Stay away! 8) Sherry

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4 Jun 07 06:19:19 pm

Can I add more NOWs? these seminars are for them to get rich quick :)

Few years ago, a friend of mine organized seminars like these. It was for quickstar former amway. He was paid $250 per new registration. I went to one of his big hotel all day seminar and that was :twisted: wow... pushing until people signed or ran away.
He invited some 200 people and got 50 signups each weekend - over $12,000 gross. I'm sure his net was over $6,000.


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