Strange issue with Chinavasion. Any explanation?

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14 Sep 08 03:10:24 pm
Hi all,

I'm pretty new in dropshipping and learning everyday. Fortunately learning a lot thanks to what I can find in Salehoo.

I read a lot on Chinavasion in this forum and in other places and couldn't find any scam report on them. Yes, I read about shipping delays, etc... but nothig about scams.... Even if sometines late, goods arrive...

So I decided to buy there some very few things just for trying.

I paid with Paypal.

The next day (that's yesterday) I tried to access my account so to see my order status and... ups! my e-mail is not recognized in their system... I reviewed several times, even with the e-mail I got from them confirming they had received my order, but haven't been able to access to my account.

When I try to recover my password the message I get is that my e-mail address does not match with any e-mail in their database...

I've opened a Support ticket, but still didn't receive an answer. I'm waiting till tomorrow (Monday) supposing that maybe they don't work on Sunday.

What would you suggest I do if I don't get an answer?

Thanks a lot for your experience and support.

I'm a little bit scared for if this could be a scam....

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14 Sep 08 09:08:29 pm
I've never bought from the company, but believe them to be quite legit.

I would think that your problem is just s glitch with their database, can happen. Wait until their is some human intervention, and if you don't get a response to your ticket I would then try another.

Mark (fudjj)

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15 Sep 08 07:27:51 pm
Hi all,

everything solved.

It was, effectively, a technical error, actually due to myself.

The support was good and I solved it with a live chat with one of their support staff members.

My opinion about this people has improved a lot after this.

Let's see now how quick are they sending me the goods....

Thank you all for your answers.


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23 Sep 08 05:05:49 am
I've bought from them few times and never had a problem, check your spam mail folder you might find their e-mail there, you can call them directly and they will help you or you can contact their Link hidden: Login to view and they anwer your e-mail in 24h.


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