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8 May 19 06:44:07 pm
I have read many reviews and all stating the same thing, SaleHoo customer service is impeccable in which I agree 100%. However, as far as the bottom line, I haven't read of anyone's success story. I have yet to find value in any of these so-called suppliers. 1) They don't reply 2) When they do reply, it is not exactly what I would call timely 3) Most important, they don't have products with margins. I can find the same products on Amazon or another marketplace, cheaper. However, this is my experience but it doesn't mean others aren't having success which is why I am reaching out to the community to share their experiences. Maybe, I can get a pointer or two as it could be my approach.

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13 May 19 04:59:36 am
Hi Neville! Do note that sometimes, suppliers have email backlogs causing delay in responding to some of their potential resellers. I usually suggest members to give suppliers a call during business hours as this give them direct priority. Also, the prices you see on their site are normally retail prices and that they have a separate price list for resellers (usually only available upon request). Let us wait a reply for other members on how they're doing with with online business.

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8 May 20 02:51:09 pm
Neville, I agree with you on that. Some of those suppliers who respond to you are asking you for a member fees (something that Salehoo considers as a fraud) . They all sell on Ebay or Amazon because their prices are always the same as the the retail prices or 5% to 10% less which is not worth it. The only one i tried dealing with is OEM and I will never do that again.


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