Suriya Foto Digital scammed me! Here are tips on how to avoid scammers.

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29 Jan 07 10:56:35 am
Hi All,

I just wanted to post my story about getting scammed by this company. Suriya Foto Digital are located in Thailand and supposedly sell mainly digital cameras. They sell through their web site and they say they sell wholesale too, which is not through their site.

I first came across this so called company on Link hidden: Login to view. This was before I had done enough research to know many people advertising on alibaba are scammers.

After some emails and clearly not enough due diligence on my behalf, I placed a smallish order for around US$600 for some cameras. This was in September 06. They still haven't arrived after many emails.

At first it was just excuses from them. Now, they don't answer emails at all.

Does anyone have any experience in chasing up debts or reporting this type of fraud. I realise I will probably never get my money back. I would be just happy if the police caught up with them though.

The lady who I spoke to via email and phone is named Nattie (Tayavee Boonyamas in Thai). She seems nice and genuine on the phone but hasn't come through with her promises.

Just before Christmas, I contacted her again asking for a refund. She said she would do this but I still haven't seen my money.

Stay away from these scammers. You have be warned!!

Now to offer my lessons to anyone who want's to listen:

1. Never send money (like I did) via T/T (wire transfer). Always use credit card, paypal or Letter of Credit (L/C). You're reasonably protected this way.

2. Ask for at least 6 references from your country. I didn't do this either. Ring all of them! Don't be lazy.

3. Check the local business registers for the existence of the company. Most countries require businesses to be registered with the government. If they're not on there, stay away from them.

4. Start with very small orders and work your way up.

5. Go to the country you're thinking about buying from and meet with a number of companies. Meet the person you're thinking about dealing with. Check out their setup. Or if you're lucky to know someone in that country---send them along for you.

6. Ask lots of questions their company----check the answers they give are consistent with their web site and the local government business register.

7. Make sure they have phone numbers that work. Also, make sure they have a separate line for fax and phone. Most proper businesses will have this. Be cautious if they don't. Make sure you ring them.

8. Google the company name. Google the company name + scammers/scam. Don't be lazy, check every link.

9. Look up their address in the local phone book. Make sure the address exists.

10. Get a credit check run on them. This costs money but a least you will have piece of mind!

A few hours doing this could save you a load of hard earned $$.

Thanks, hopes this saves a few people some $$ :)

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29 Jan 07 10:57:37 am
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