Swapselltrade.com - My experience with them

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19 Jan 07 08:13:42 pm
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i was just about to get something from this guy glad i didnt!!! Friend of mines lost like 700.00 bucks from him

he also is part of megagoods,netdropshipper,swapselltrade,and getestore are suppose to be all the same company there are no responses from them and if you are able to talk to someone prepare for the runaround
I also read the post on ripoffreport.com and i am well aware of them
If my business (NO URL) did business like that i could not sleep at night i beleive in 100% customer satisfaction i can see they don't care one way or another because they have so many links out there that get signups all day long so a few customers that are not happy they seem to care less after a year of searching i found two reliable suppliers with prices that i can offer low prices but most mark up to lowest ebay price and leave you to fend for yourself
But also you have to remmber

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19 Jan 07 08:30:54 pm
I have to agree on the poor communication bit from them. But I have purchased several times from them before they recently did the remodel of the site. The site almost seems useless now.

I purchased a few pallets of sauna belts from them with only a few of the items being broken. But for the price I aquired them for it wasnt a big deal. I just made sure to test the units before they went out.

We also purchased about 60 Nolan Miller Necklaces from them and made quite a bit off of most of the lots except the last lot we ordered we got a bunch of the least popular sunflower style. But that was after they dropped the price considerably.

I have made quite a bit of money off of swapselltrades website but you couldnt get an email response from them if you tried.

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21 Jan 07 03:17:38 am
If you get a brand name item from them, make sure it's authentic. I once purchased about $700 worth of brand name jeans, only to find out they were cheap knockoffs.

First they denied it until I proved otherwise, then told me they couldn't gaurantee they were authentic, then told me to find another avenue besided eBay to sell them (like I really wanted to rip off my customers.) Finally they gladly refunded my money minus a large restocking fee.

That was just money thrown away.

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29 Jan 07 02:22:06 am
Hey, it may be old news to you all by now. But I just clicked on to the swap sell trade site....and it says that it is no longer in business. Guess you can only get away with some things for so long?


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