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16 Jan 09 08:39:12 am
I don't even know if this sites still around but I would avoid them like a tampered bee hive, my wife bought what she thought were Uggs for $50.00 wholesale and free shipping. I did receive two e-mails with different addresses which was a 'RED FLAG', my item was never shipped.

I happened to go to Rip-off Report and found a story simular to my wifes, someone had the same deal with the two different e-mails, and the mailer deamon return email situation when ever she tried to e-mail them.

Word of advice to resellers 'DON'T BUY FROM swapselltrade.com' you'll get scammed.

And the sad thing is any time you google wholesale(which I really don't do anymore)swapselltrade.com allways pops up like they're the founders of legitimacy are something, weird.

Like I was saying earlier in my post I don't know if they're still around, don't know don't care (obviously I'm a bit bitter).

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18 Jan 09 05:25:11 am
They have been in operation for as long as I can remember. They sell low value bulk goods. I have purchased from them before a few years ago.

They have small orders and their owner has been here on this site as wholesalejoe

But remember he is similar to me. A single person running a business and he does get behind and he does make mistakes. I think his biggest complaint is his products. And his shipping time. Probably the most common complaints for many companies online. But I have found items such as his sauna belts he had a few years back I made a killing on. I actually ordered 3-4 cases of them and make about 500 profit on each case at the time. And I have bought some junk jewelrey I lost money on. But they do have small orders so experiment if you do use them. If you order something that sucks. Its your loss, move on and try something else.

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15 Feb 09 12:31:33 pm
this is when I first started selling online. I once used them and boy was I steaming mad. I ordered a designer bag list. they sent me this cheap used fabric tote and then never sent the guide. I called and emailed and never ever received anything. at that time it was swapselltrade.com

I think it's owned by a guy by the last name of ritchie. I have since seen him all over the net promoting internet marketing products. Every time I see him or his name I cringe thinking he is probably shafting some poor soul out there. What is so damn hard about giving people what they pay for?


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