Teledynamic, is it legal?

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31 Jan 13 07:51:49 am
I'm looking for a new supplier and I find out this one.

However they send me a document ask me to fill out document called (credit application).

I need to fill
Name of firm/ mailing and shipping address/phone #
name,address,city,driver licence, sosical security no of principal stockholders,owners partners.

Trade reference and bank reference.
And signature for all above.

And I need to fill visa card number/ expire date/last 3 digits/ name as it appears on card/billing address/card holder signature (However, the info above to fill out this credit card info as below:
Customers who request an open account or C.O.D company check status must fill out info below. If we ship merchandise and do not receive payment according to the terms, we will charge your credit card account. This would be done only when all other methods of collection are exhausted)

I'm just wondering is it legal to ask me leave my credit card info and is it just a scam.

The company called teledynamic.


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1 Feb 13 12:55:23 am
Hello houhuantom,

This has been raised several times on the forum as a concern when signing up for an account. Other suppliers are also requesting the same type of information.

According to our Link hidden: Login to view -
Their website states that all customers are required to fill out a Credit Application, including original signature and credit card information, regardless of desired terms. After talking with my rep though, she said I could skip that step since I wasn’t interested in getting credit through them. If you don’t need terms, then your application will likely get processed and approved that same day. If you are interested in terms, you might need to wait 1-3 weeks for them to process your application including reference checks.

So you might want to discuss this directly with Teledynamic so they can guide you with your application.

All the best!


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