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26 Apr 16 06:00:15 pm

Going through Supplier Directory, my eye caught this company's products. I like them and want to sell them.

Does anyone have any information about The Laundry Alternative? Are they responsive, helpful, good to deal with?

And are there other suppliers with mini household appliances I could contact? I am looking through all, and hope someone can help me with this. I have seen other online stores with this type of merchandise as well as Amazon and eBay and wish I knew how to line more suppliers up.

Thank you.


I was excited to have found this supplier of products I wanted to buy for myself, and knew I could sell them.
Sadly, I no longer am interested in this company, because I called 2 days ago, and spoke with a very nice young lady who told me I needed to email the owner, Corey. So I did, twice.

Well, after 48 hours, and no response, I called again today. Just voice mail message. No, thank you.

While I am brand new at this, I have been in sales and customer service long enough to understand that if I did sell their products and had questions or issues with my buyers, I could not reasonably expect good service from this supplier.

And I had already bought a specific domain name and email account for this, thinking if they are on here, they are good to go.

Lesson to all you fellow newbies out there....really spend time on the forums and the other training material here, so you don't have to go through this with other suppliers. Know what and who you think you are dealing with before you spend more time and money on someone who clearly is not 100% there for you. And even if there is some type of emergency on their part where they could not reply in this amount of time, there is no excuse for not having someone else in place to handle their customers.


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