The Newbie....a case study

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27 Jun 09 03:55:24 pm
My journey began a couple of months ago selling things around the 'ol homestead on ebay. It turned out to be a pretty cool deal. I made close to four hundred bones and gained quit a bit of experience in the art of creating a good add using HTML, taking good pics, creating a good listing. The problem is, I've run out of junk to sell and the little wife won't let me sell the couch so I started visiting yard sales and such. I was jonesin' hard for something to sell!

I started diggin' around on the web which ultimately brought me to SaleHoo. After about a week of perusing the forum and suppliers lists, I had my plans narrowed down to about ten ways I wanted to go and after another month of pondering, finally settled on one and purchased some goods.

Now, I'm not one to jump into anything without really studying all of my options and from what I've read in the forum, that's a prevalent theme. I know that deep down we all want to trust everyone and truly believe that nobody wants to be a shyster but we have a saying down here in Texas.....

Something can turn out to be a hell of a deal......or it can just turn out to be a hell of an ordeal.

So here I am. I'll have my first pallet of merchandise by Thursday and I'll keep ya'll posted as to how it goes. As to how I plan on marketing the items?....well, I have about four different avenues I'm gonna use and I'm sure some of it will wind up on ebay.

Wish me luck, guys and gals....


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27 Jun 09 09:15:04 pm
Voodoo is doing a great job with informing people about importing from China, so this sounds like it will be another valuable lesson for those wanting more of an insight into the liquidation market.


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