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Thebestofferstore.com - beware of this seller!

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17 Jun 06 01:24:58 pm
I bought this surfing internet and get paid things from him.

He is selling membership from other free website. and saying that the
website membership fee is arround $80 if convert to US$.
And ask me to pay for the membership fee.
after I paid, one day after...
He give me to the membersite link and turns out that membership is
totally free. Beside he is earning to reffer me to his membership.

However, the program work dough.... :?

I suggest you all, dont make business with him !!!!!

This is his ebay id tangkiaheng

I have report to ebay. According to ebay, they will suspend his account for 1 week. But when I go to his page, still there, not suspended. I am so dissapointed. I am going to make a claim form to ebay.

Is it violate the rules? What you guys suggest? what should I do? :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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31 Jul 06 11:18:18 pm
my post is a little late. But did you pay via paypal? You can claim the money back. Once, someone sold me fake rings claiming to be solid white gold. I brought it to someone whom I deal my business with in jewelry. So I found out that it's fake.

Well, I filed a claim with paypal. And apparently, the seller didn't response. Guess he's guilty. & I got a full refund + didn't have to send back the rings. YAY!

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8 Aug 06 04:06:37 am
no i did not use paypal. because this is local transaction. I dont think I will use paypal anymore.... to many problem

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8 Aug 06 04:13:38 am
i've always had great luck with paypal.

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