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They finally gave me a refund (DOBA)

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22 Nov 06 02:35:27 am
I am just happy because I just found out the Doba finally gave me a refund.... Even though it wasn't much..... See joined Doba to do business in dropshipping. Within days they called me up and gave me their Great Deal.... I accepted and paid $280 for all that before I even purchased anything from them. I soon realized that even though they do what they promised and had inventory to dropship for me. Their prices are too high and couldn't really make much money (if at all) from Doba. They don't even have pictures for most of their items. I called them up and they told me they don't refund money.... Bummer!

So I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. And well make a long story shorter, they refunded partial of my $280.... which is $85.15....

This isn't how much I wanted but it is something... and I am glad for that. YEEEAH!!!! :D :D :D

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23 Nov 06 07:37:09 am
Sounds like you got screwed over by doba. :?

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24 Nov 06 05:21:47 am
well yeah.. but if I don't accept it and try to proceed further than I would probably have to go to court and that would be a waste of time and money...... I would end up with nothing at all they don't give refunds anyway.
Unless I had dropped the complaint and just used their services which wouldn't make sense. This seems to me like the only good option I have. :|

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19 Dec 06 05:50:15 pm
DOBA is definitly not one of the best warehouse to use. Their prices are very high for a wholesaler. I have my markup at 18%, I can barely make anything on a sale once all of my expenses are factored in. The turn around for an order is long, ususally three or four days from the time I place an order to the time that I get an email that the order shipped. Meanwhile, I have customers wanting to know when I am shipping their order. ( I can't give them an answer) I would not recomend DOBA to anyone, even on a trial basis. The prices are high ( little to no profit potential. We are doing this to make at least a little money, right?) You pay a monthly or annual fee and still have to pay dropship fees. My membership will be expiring in three months, I see that my next annual fee will be $399.90. There is no way in H*** that I will renew my membership with DOBA.
Doba has an affiliation with my website host, that's how I got signed with them. Don't make a mistake and loose money to DOBA.
Trying to survive an internet store is hard enough and there are too many companies trying to take away your earned income.

If anyone has had a good experience with DOBA post your comments.

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20 Dec 06 04:44:25 pm
I. too. tried DOBA, but their 'wholesale prices' were way to high. I cancelled during my trial period so I did not lose any money thankfully. They CAN'T be true wholesalers. Stay away from these peole.

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