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5 Oct 17 12:29:07 pm
Good morning,

I noticed that Tinydeal.com shows up several times during a product search and it is normal because they sell a lot of products.

However, I always check on the website reviews regarding a supplier to see if they have good products and support.

Based on my research, this company doesn't seem to have a good reputation on support side, people that bought from them complain that don't receive their product the most of the time and the company takes forever to reply or answer, they don't get refunds etc.

My 2 questions are:

1. What are the criteria from SaleHoo to certify a supplier?
2. Can you tell me as a retailer what do you think about this supplier?

Thanks in advance

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16 Oct 17 03:58:38 pm
Hi Eric,

All approved suppliers must meet minimum standards of service (this information is not shared to avoid any suppliers trying to mislead us to get into the directory). Most notably, suppliers must provide secure payment methods so that in the unlikely event of something going wrong, members can always get their money back.
Anonymous purchases are made from all our suppliers and then they are rated on price, speed, quality, and service.
Detailed and in-depth reviews are available on supplier profiles. This includes a complete overview of the supplier's company, products and services to help you decide whether a supplier is suitable for you and your business.

Nonetheless, SaleHoo has no official guarantee for our suppliers, but only suppliers that either accept a secure form of payment (meaning you have a course of action should something go wrong) or have a proven track record of excellent service are added to our directory.

For these reasons, our members have very few issues with suppliers failing to supply goods to their customers.

In the unlikely event that you do have a problem with a supplier, please file a complaint by clicking the link on the supplier's profile page within SaleHoo, I will follow up with the supplier as needed.

We have an ongoing issue at the moment with TinyDeal and another customer regarding tracking the orders or packaging. This is actually the first complaint we've received against this company and we're doing our best to resolve the issue asap.


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