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30 Sep 10 02:37:55 am

I just received a pair of designer sunglasses I bought from topperliquidators because like usual it's a good idea to buy a sample first. This is after I emailed them and ask about the authentic of the product, case, and papers.

Honestly, I probably can't question the authenticity of the product. It looks real, quality seems good and everything.... the sunglasses itself at least...

HOWEVER, I was expecting the proper papers they promised per my email exchange with them. I was looking along the line of certificate of authentication, the user manual/guide (i.e the little Safilo book for Gucci), and maybe the original box. None of that was in there. I also don't see the cleaning cloth that comes with the glasses. Not the mention I can see a bit scratch on the case.

So as much as I want to believe the product is real and it probably is, I have some doubts without all the things mentioned above. Yet they classified the product as brand new. I guess this makes a big different for reselling the product...

To be fair, I will give them a call tomorrow before posting an appropriate review.

I was thinking of buying big bulk with them before all this happened cuz they seems to have good stock of good designs. But now I have too many doubts.

Anyways, I just want to share this and see if anyone have any thought, similar encounters, experience..etc..

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30 Sep 10 03:58:56 am
Topper are liquidators, and while I have no insight into your communication with them and what was promised to you, even new products disposed through surplus avenues won't always be complete.

On bulk loads of new stock from a good liquidator, I would suggest expecting around 3-4% of your order to be below par, it really is the nature of the beast that you are dealing with in regards to surplus.

From reading your post, it definitely seems that you feel that everything is not as you were assured it was going to be, so we do look forward to hearing what the outcome is after you bring this to the companies attention.

Mark (fudjj)

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30 Sep 10 08:09:27 pm
yea not bad. I guess I don't blame them ...since they are a liquidator. They said they will send me the certificate of authentication, so it's all good. :)

Sigh, designer sunglasses is a hard subject to play with correctly.

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30 Sep 10 10:16:04 pm
Thanks for keeping us updated! Its really helpful to read about actual buyer experiences :)

It's not just designer sunglasses that are hard to play with correctly - basically any product that bares a brand name to is a challenge altogether.

We look forward to seeing your review on Topper International's profile page.

All the best ~ cheers!


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