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Utito.com - scammers!

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1 Jul 07 09:53:51 am
I'd like to let people know a little about Link hidden: Login to view
this company in china has alot of good stuff on there website which was too tempting especially with the price of there product
Xiaoling Zeng is the skank who took my order.scammed me good too. watch out for her and her web site Link hidden: Login to view
lucky i'd only pay for 2 playstation3 instead 12 units
i had a feeling i was a scam but took the risk. i learn now never to do business with bank tranfer or western union as the source of the money transaction. there are no protection
anyhow one last word for Xiaoling zeng i hope you suffer the worst fate when you get it back in return cause Karma's a bitch :twisted:

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26 Oct 07 12:08:34 pm
hey there fellow ozy mate, keep well clear of the chinese assholes we should of let the japs wipe them out in the big war. just remember if its cheep cheep no way is it real, i get there offers every day ,i just tell them to p off. if they only have hotmail and yahoo for contact you know straight away they are scammers PROOF I SIGNED UP TO HOTMAIL my details (santa clause / address 25 snowflake drive north pole the world) get my drift

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28 Oct 07 04:30:46 am
just stay away from those suck supplier.
good prodcut is not cheap.cheap prodcut is not good.
live and learn

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28 Oct 07 04:34:48 am
PS:a new kind of paypal scammer is forming in some scammer website.
they always register several paypal account.the money will be moved away from the scammed accout to another.

just be careful,folks

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28 Oct 07 05:47:24 am
Hey, does anyone actually know of any REAL electronic wholesalers??? I have recently been scammed, and I am now looking for a supplier who will actually send the products instead of just taking my money and doin a runner????

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