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Warehouse Clubs - Another potential source of products to sell for online sellers

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10 May 12 08:39:31 am
I know this may sound realy realy weird, but has anyone tried using shops like Cheap As Chips or Sams warehouse as a supplier?

I mentioned it in Cheap as Chips but they said company policy was that I had to purchase before I took photos of items.

Could be worth a try though

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10 May 12 01:45:47 pm
Sam's is crap -- their pricing just isn't all that competitive anymore, and their selection doesn't even keep pace with WM.

I mean, the idea in general is a good one, but Sam's in particular is a lousy source for almost anything, unless you're selling econo-sized grocery products.


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10 May 12 10:24:06 pm
Some of the stuff in sams is OK.

I recently sold something which my supplier sells to me for $22, I sold it for $28, checked with my suplier and they had none left at all, found one in Cheap as Chips for $10

Anyway, I have emailed cheap and will see what they say.

I did notice that they had packs of 3 nail sissors for $2, I prolly could sell them for $4-5

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10 May 12 11:47:52 pm
Not all merchandise in warehouse cubs may be suited for selling online but if you look hard enough there are certainly items which you can sell for a profit! Plus this is a great way to beat the additional cost of shipping when you source your products from the conventional dropshipper.

Nice suggestion T0pSales!

All the best :)


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11 May 12 03:11:05 am
Well there you go, Cheap as Chips have stated that I cannot resell their products on ebay, but, question here, If I purchase a product does that then become mine?

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11 May 12 07:13:58 am
If you purchase the product, the product becomes yours and you can burn it if you feel that way inclined lol. You could certainly sell it on eBay, however you would need to be careful how you marketed it or you could devalue it.

For example, selling as "brand new", as opposed to selling "as new" can make a big difference in some buyer's minds.

Btw, in regards to the other question. High quality stuff always has a market, unique stuff always has a chance of finding a market, but that can take some work. Cheap, fake and general weekend market type stuff can struggle on a platform like eBay, simply through competition.

If you're seriously considering that genre, I would suggest perhaps looking and bundling items, something for the neck, ears and so on, all together. That would allow you to reduce your over all margin, and may well give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

They are definitely products that would bundle very easily.

Mark (fudjj)

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