Watch out for Arealine!

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8 Oct 08 09:07:15 pm
I had ordered a prada wallet from Arealine and was suppose to recieve it within 3 days ,well it's been almost 10. I still haven't seen my merchandise. I asked for the tracking number and no none of my e-mails get returned. When I finally did get to talk to Boris that handled my order he tells me give it a few more days and that it's on it's way,he thinks? Not good business practices, so be care when you see the 4 and 5 stae ratings and definately watch out for Arealine which also is says Area Fashion when you click on the site so PEOPLE BE CAREFUL!!!!!

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8 Oct 08 10:28:22 pm
It may be a small business. That has a big rush of orders. As long as you get your product you should be fine.

A small business is at the mercy of one of the bigest problems they can have. Their own popularity.

I get overwhelmed on occasion. Once week I can have all my orders out then the next week im so busy I cant get anything done in a good time. And it takes me 2 weeks to get caught up.

I can have 2 weeks with just a few orders then wham I get over a hundred orders in on another and your just completely caught up trying to get that taken care of. When your a smalll business that may mean you have to make sacrifices on other area such as emails.

I think if your in the business of buying products for reesale you need to have some type of patience. I have times where I dont have emails answered from Macys for a week. Or it takes me forever to get an order I placed with them picked up and delivered. Even big companies have this problem.

Its the nature of the Beast. As long as your getting a good deal and your supplier does deliver. Work with them. You may be able to work out better deals with them as a small company is more willing to make deals then a larger one to keep regular buyers.

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15 Oct 08 03:40:33 pm
You should stay away from If you do the google search, you will see several complaints, especially on authenticity of the products. I almost purchased some handbags from them while ago then I decided not to buy after reading seveval negative feedbacks. Good luck with your transaction.


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