- Has anyone bought from them?

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7 Mar 07 01:51:06 pm
Has anybody ever heard of or dealt with a place called With all the replicas around on the web, I hesitate every time I see a brand name advertised anywhere in the same sentence as the word 'wholesale'.

They have secure payment types.

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9 Mar 07 08:56:49 am
Hmm I would be careful with this one. They are a legitimate company in florida. but thier prices make me think Designer Inspired Knockoffs. Florida is the flea market capitol of the world. All flea market vendors sell designer inspired knockoffs.

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9 Mar 07 01:40:57 pm
Well, that's worth knowing. Thanks.

Being located in Oz, I don't really know much about Florida - have friends there, but didn't know it was kind of a flea market capital.

Will strike this off my IE favourites list.

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25 Jan 08 07:15:12 pm
Hi everyone, listen to Jimmy. When I first signed up with salehoo, watchcloseouts was the first place I went too. I brought 25 watches, sold most kept 3 for me, 3 for family members etc.

I don't believe these are real, OR I think they are OLD crap stock. It has cost my my reputation buying these watches 'JIMMY I WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE MY FEEDBACK ON THEIR INFO PAGE HOW DO I DO IT??'
One time i was in the middle of a sale and the watch a lady was about to buy the strap broke in front of her! I was so embarrassed. Next I've had several that are 'water resistant' even so called 'divers watches' come back leaking. The automatic ones don't hold the time for some unknown reason. I took one to the jeweler and he said it was 'Not the real thing, cheap knockoff make with cheap parts' something to that effect. He didn't want to be involved in writing it down.

I got intouch with and told him about the automatic ones etc. he was nice about it and said to post back, but since then I have had several come back and had to just pay for their repair (or money back) as people don't want to wait months for a watch. As a consequence I am now out of pocket by about $500 and I'm scared whenever my phone rings that it will be someone else! My selling business is pretty much over before it started reputation wise.

The casio g shock and citizen watch I have not heard from the people so fingers crossed I don't.

Also I purchased sunglasses from him, 10 pairs - 2 of those had bent frames which I had to take to be fixed and was told they would never be straight again so I sold as seconds, at a cost to me.

When I first started on this site I was so reveed up and rearing to go. But I just don't see how you can ever do well without the costs being high if the product is crap or craps out and people want their money back! I guess the first thing I read on salehoo really is true. 'if it sounds to good to be true it usually is'

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25 Jan 08 09:40:50 pm
One problem every unconnected seller has on eBay is we are competing with sellers who have an in with some company.

If my uncle was a top exec in lets say TigerDirect, I might be able to get their prices and then sell on eBay.

Just an example, but I am sure it happens. Especially if the company is privately held.

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28 Sep 10 08:02:39 pm
Any reputable jeweler would want to help prove an item fake as fake products hurt everyone dealing with authentic items. The opinion of your local jeweler that will not back his claim is worthless and you posting this is nothing more than slander. I respectfully ask you to stop with these postings, please feel free to email me at and I will see if I can help you have this watch verified by an authorized facility.

All items from are 100% real.

Are your watches authentic?
Yes, we only sell authentic goods. In many cases, the items are shipped to us direct from the manufacturer's warehouse. We have been in business since 1999 and selling to happy customers from our website since 2001. We DO NOT sell any replica items. We are so confident about the quality and authenticity of our merchandise that will pay $1,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise in writing.

This is on our website

Thank you

Ray Kelder


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