Webstore.cm - anyone have dealt with them?

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7 Jun 10 07:34:47 pm
This is their homepage info:

Link hidden: Login to viewis an Online Marketplace with
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9 Jun 10 12:17:06 am
It's like ebay, but sellers do not pay any fees to open a store. If you are planning to sell some items, a free to use webstore is a good thing. But if you are a buyer, you should beware because scammers use free sites like this to scam people.

If the operators of webstore.com does not charge anything, how do they make money? Maintening a website is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. People will never do it without any sort of compensation or revenue earning.

My suggestion, if you want to buy from there be ready to take the risk of being scammed. If your going to sell something, go and do it. A free to use web marketplace is a blessing to small online sellers.


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9 Jun 10 02:28:55 am
They may be legit after all. I mean they have been online since 1996 - I hardly think a scam site could stay online that long :)

But I do agree with Marilou, just be prepared for scammers seeing as this site is free for sellers you are guaranteed to meet a complete mix of great sellers as well as con artists too! Maybe you can also try selling there just to see how much traffic really goes there - this site may just be a viable alternative.



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11 Jun 10 04:22:20 pm
I have not had any dealings with Webstore personally, However, upon quick review, webstore has a PageRank of 4, which is very decent and a very strong Alexa Rank, in the top quartile of websites. I certainly value this website for it's online presence. Demographics show that it's target market is 45-65 and mainly females.

Hope that helps.
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23 Jun 11 09:41:35 am
In January 2011, AuctionBytes surveyed almost 2,800 online sellers and asked them to rate the marketplaces on which they had experience selling. webstore.com is the rank 2!!!
so i has been studying this site for a while. as you know, it's totally free for sell, except you get the certification and advertise in the site(CPM). but sometime free means "nothing". i had read a lot of post, which complain about the site performance and don't sell anything for a whole year. and they don't have customer service

but i am also confused that what's the Website profitable point?just
Depend on advertising?

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30 Jul 11 11:26:04 pm
Hello everyone. I initially set up some auctions there, and more recently a free store. I think I started there in May or so. My experience has been that there are a lot of people on there looking, but not many buyers. I sold two items since being on there. They do have some customer support - I had trouble moving my auction items into my store, so sent an email, and got a response within the same day. I went there as an ebay alternative, since ebay won't let me sell my Rolex collectibles. They say they pay for their site by all the ads - and there are alot of ads! As a seller - it sure doesn't hurt to try it - it is free after all!


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