Western Union - Is it good or bad?

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25 Oct 07 12:05:43 pm
hi everyone!
there is anyone who works with Western Union?
I read that it is not safe
Can anyone explain why? what is the difference between PayPal to them?

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25 Oct 07 11:24:34 pm
They are fine as long as you know and trust the person. What you are effectively doing is sending cash to someone, anywhere in the world. For this reason you have no real recourse to recover your money like paypal.

Only use if you know or trust the person or supplier.

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26 Oct 07 04:57:48 am
The difference between paypal and western union is pretty much nothing aside that paypal boasts security when there really is none. Paypal is owned by ebay and pretty much advertises absolute security when there really is none. And scammer can get a paypal account and accept credit cards using paypal.

Western union does not advertise security but will try to make sure you know who you are sending money too.

Both can be used for money transactions. From my personal experience I wouldnt trust paypal as a source to accept payments because they tried to steal 23,000 from my paypal account with no reason. And thier customer service personel are a bunch of lying robots programed to stall and delay.

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13 Nov 07 07:39:14 am
I have to say i agree with Jimmy about Paypal. Not that they've ever stolen money from me... yet, But certainly cost me finacial loss by randomly limiting my account and stopping my supplier for getting paid for the products i had bought to sell to my waiting customers... Ebay got their listing and final fees and i was left in debt to my customers... Not impressed and won't be using them anymore for selling, perhaps to buy things though. I had actually asked my partner a simlar question about western union... Good to know, thanks!

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13 Nov 07 09:53:51 am
I have been using PayPal for over 5 years now and have not had one problem so far. They also call me anytime I make big purchases with my card to confirm that it was me that made the purchase. I use PayPal on eBay, and several other websites that I operate. Maybe I am just lucky. I do know that I will never use Western Union to wire a stranger money. That is just like flushing money down the toilet.


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