Wild Bill Wholesale - review needed

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6 Oct 17 08:19:21 am
Has anyone had any experience with Wild Bill Wholesale? Link hidden: Login to view

I have moved about $1.5K worth of items through them and most the time they are on par, but I have recently noticed that they send a lot of wrong products that they substitute because they may not have them in stock. This I am not even sure about because it has been about 5 business days that I haven't received email responses or return phone calls. If anyone else has had issues with them or other pesky distributors, please let me know how to patch things up etc.

Also, what do I do about reporting them if things go south? Can I report them to SaleHoo to show that they aren't trustworthy? Or just leave a Google review and be done with it?

Thanks everyone

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6 Oct 17 09:32:43 pm
Hi Brandon,

I've passed your supplier concerns onto Shane in support and she'll touch base with to get the full details and then look into the situation for you.


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5 Nov 17 07:58:17 am
I believe when you make a purchase you can say "Yes" or "No" to substituting items if they are out of stock.


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