Windows XP OEM CDs from DHGate or Alibaba - are they any good?

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14 Jun 10 05:22:51 pm
HI everyone,

I am thinking of buying OEM Windows XP CDs from DH gate or Alibaba in bulk. Is it a good idea? Are they genuine CDs and work here in US/Canada??

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14 Jun 10 07:10:17 pm
hi they will most probable be copies, some are very poor some are of very high quality and very difficult to tell difference.
I have purchased software before from the far east of which it all worked.
however this is not something i would recommend to sell on.

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15 Jun 10 03:41:40 pm
Hi shoppershunt,

I agree with paul1978. DH Gate is a supplier directory itself, so you will be dealing with a mixture of suppliers which can either be good or bad ones. The same goes with Alibaba. The chances of purchasing a legitimate software online from anywhere in Asia is slim, because piracy is rampant. I’m not even willing to recommend getting a piece for your personal use, because I have a feeling it will hack your system. :)

DH Gate can be a pretty good resource for some items, especially when you do your your research on the supplier, but as a reliable source for for XP OEM and authentic designer brand goods, I think not. As for Alibaba suppliers, watch out if they ask you to send money via Western Union, to send it to yourself just to prove you have the money to pay, saying after you receive the goods you can change the name in the form and they will pick up the money. They stopped contacting a friend of mine right after learning the name the money was sent to. It’s either they have a way of making fake IDs fast or have a friend in Western Union. :( (And yes it was collected the same day.)

Let me know if you need help searching for suitable suppliers. We'll be very glad to help you out. :)

Kind regards,



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