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6 Jun 16 06:14:41 am
I see Link hidden: Login to view have some product have price so good.
pls check, this site is truth.
Can i get this product for my dropship bussiness.
tks salehoo so much !

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6 Jun 16 08:08:16 pm
Hi there,

Although this supplier Link hidden: Login to view isn't in our directory, they should be safe to deal with.

We have checked out their site and found that they are a well-established company. They also accept safe payment methods such major credit cards, meaning you can get your money back fairly easily if something goes wrong.

However, please note that we cannot guarantee the safety of any suppliers outside SaleHoo.

All the best!

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6 Jun 16 08:15:34 pm
Just to add to what Shane has said, woot is actually owned by Amazon or at least it used to be and I'm not aware of them unloading it in the recent past. It's a deal of the day type of site, not a regular supply avenue so when the available deal sells out, so does the stock. Of course meaning that you couldn't possibly use this format for dropshipping, you would need to purchase upfront while the deal was active..

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9 Jun 16 10:06:53 pm
Just a word to the wise about Woot -- it hasn't been a "secret" for many years now. Check the Woot daily deal each day for a few days, write down the exact brand and item name, wait two-three weeks, then check eBay -- you will find that item absolutely flooded on eBay for giveaway prices, where many Woot newbies have bought it thinking they could flip it on eBay. Real-life case in point, Skylanders Swap Force Triple Packs, which I just bought a bunch off of a guy for a song. They retail at $23.99 or $24.99 and were on Woot a couple of months ago. They are _still_ being sold on eBay for Link hidden: Login to view with free shipping, because so many of them flooded the market.

The only way to really successfully arbitrage Woot deals is to buy and hold them; ie. wait for the really good deals over the summer, and hang onto them until Christmas buying season. Never forget that Woot is basically Amazon's outlet store, since they bought the site, and anything they have for sale there, they have because the world's largest and most trusted retailer couldn't dump it at the main site.


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