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22 May 09 09:46:56 pm
I have been a contributing member to this forum for quite a while, and during my time here I have always heard new people who are not happy talk about World Wide Brands like it is the best thing since sliced bread.

I was recently allowed to check out WWB for a column I am putting together, and I found it pretty amazing.

Wait just a second before you think you know what I am about to say .

Because what I found amazing about it was it has to be the most worthless hype ever put together period. The forum which only had about 8 categories was quite useless, the old 1989 BBforum and the funniest part was it was almost like being at Bizarro Salehoo.

The unruly people there saying ' Im going to Salehoo'. Even Doba believe it or not. Also the 'real suppliers' they have an absolute joke. Almost like SMC or something.

Here is their biggest pet supplier Link hidden: Login to view Yep that's it $12.00 dog collars. I went through EVERY category and maybe found 50 drop shippers, and unless you are looking for stuff like that not much to chose from at all.
The other thing that really bugged me was lets say you were looking for dog items instead of going to a list of their dog suppliers you are taken to a screen which opens them one at a time.

By one at a time I mean you are only allowed to go to one suppliers listing and then you have to do the search all over to get to the next suppliers site.

Basically to look at 15 different websites it would take you 3 hours because their is no back button . They say this is for security reasons. I think it is just bad site design.

They did have some ebooks but nothing that can't be found here . Also everyone of them basically tried to sell you a Chris Malta approved item/ AFFILIATE JUNK.

I only post this because well I have heard so many positive things through the yrs about them it always makes you wonder, I also hope that if your new you don't believe the hype of an affiliate somewhere on a forum.

You pay WWB 300.00 a membership 150.00 per sale goes to the affiliate to deceive you into buying what has to be the most worthless overpriced directory online.

So don't always think the grass is greener somewhere else and be thankful you just saved 230.00

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22 May 09 09:58:59 pm
Thanks for the review Jg, it's good to get a current wrap on the service they provide to clarify for members here.

Really good stuff!

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