worldwide brands or doba?

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7 Nov 06 09:33:33 am
Does anyone have any experience using worldwide brands or doba? Are they particularly good for any type product in comparison to salehoo?

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7 Nov 06 03:23:02 pm
PLease STAY AWAY from Doba. Their prices are near retail, or what you could find on the clearance rack of any major dept store. Any items worth selling are *ALWAYS* sold out.

The only way I could see using Doba is if you have your own Retail website, or are looking to stock your own birck-and-mortar store. You will not make money on EBay with them.

They charge about $2-$5 per order just to drop ship On Top of the price of the item. If i remember correctly(Which I might not) Shipping was min about $8.

They just east away at your profit.

I joined for my free 7 day period, called and cancelled and they STILL charged me. WHen I called back up they did a song and dance and they try to convince you they are true wholesale but they are not.

Little Hint: If they do not REQUIRE a resellers License, they are NOT Wholesale!

Hope that helps a bit :)

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7 Nov 06 11:01:59 pm
Doba tends to only do dropshipping. Margins are less using this obviously and alot of their products may not be the hottest things to sell, however some people have good experiences with them.

Anyone else have an opinion?

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9 Nov 06 11:20:12 am
Doba is a complete Joke Dont mess with them. Another retail priced dropshipper. If you have to pay to get a membership from a company then most likely retail priced crap. And they get all thier money from thier memberships

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19 Nov 06 02:38:01 am
doba is definately a rip-off. I saty away from dropshippers. My reputation is in stake and I am just starting. I want to buy and have it delivered to me so I can see them, even if i have to take the pics, pack and all the works. But there are very little wholesalers. Megagood do not have any of my interests and I am changing gears for now to collectibles. My main iterest is educational toys for children. have an account on Leap Pad but have been a month and do not have a catalog yet, so i am still sitting on a few crap and spending my money on fees to eBay!


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