www.72mall.com ANYONES ADVICE?

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28 Jul 08 10:44:44 pm
NOt sure about these guys! But i was unsure about DHGATE also and they have been good to me, Anyone dealt with them?

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28 Jul 08 11:16:00 pm
What guys are we talking about?

About DH Gate, just remember that is a sourcing directory, the companies listed there are independent operators, they are not owned or controlled by DH Gate in anyway, shape or form.

Plenty of sites like that, Tradekey and Alibaba are another couple.

You will find a good mix of happy, and unhappy customers about DH Gate, butv that is because they have all dealt with different businesses on the DH Gate site.

If you are on to a good supplier, then that's good news. Finding a good reliable supplier in China really isn't that hard, it's just that most people want to find a good reliable Chinese supplier that will sell them genuine licenced brand name products at flea market prices........there you have a serious problem because they simply do not exist!

The fact that they don't exist doesn't stop people from searching site after site after site, asking the same questions, id this licenced brand name bag selling for $500 less than it does in the US really GENUINE?..........when they could be better spending their time doing something constructive with their time.

Bottom line, if it is a licenced brand name product being offered by a Chinese company outside of the official licenced structure....IT'S FAKE!

If you want cheap no name stuff, but still of decent quality, then you will have no problems sourcing from China.

Mark (fudjj)

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30 Jul 08 02:08:01 am
I wanted to know if anyone has bought from 72mall.com?


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