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7 May 08 05:40:14 am
I was just wondering if anybody has used Link hidden: Login to view before? They seem to have pretty good prices. Are they legit? Anybody have any good/bad experiences?

Your help is appreciated,

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8 May 08 02:46:35 am
This is one of the things I found doing a search on them:

Complaint on Butterflyphoto.com

Butterflyphoto.com may look like they are saving you money but be very

careful with what you are getting youself into. It may seem like you are

getting a deal but when you purchse an item online they will call you

couple of days later to sell other related items. For example, I purchased

a digital camera from them but they called to have me spend more money on a

memory card as well as a warrantee. I recently purchased a 40' LCD TV from

them and as to my surprise they called me pushing me to buy cables, wall

mount, and warrantee again. (FYI - always tell them that you don't want

the warrantee initially even if you want it. Initially they said it was

over $300 then after I told them I wasn't interested he lowered the price to

$220.) Once all the purchasing was complete, their affliated delivery

company (manna.com) called me to schedule for delivery. Then they asked me

where the appartment was located. I told them that it was on 2nd floor.

Unforunately, they do not walk up the stairs. I called butteflyphoto.com

and they tell me that I have to spend another $150 to purchase 'white glove'

service to have it delivered upstairs. If I were to cancel the order they

still take away my shipping fee. The TV was a gift to my parents who are

over 60. They had the nerve to tell me to have my parents move it up or

have their neighbor move it and pay them $75. Is this how to run a

business?! I was shocked when I heard her options. When I asked Lisa for

her supervisor she told me that her last name was butterfly. I had issues

with AT&T and other large companies and have never spoken to any with such

manners. I definitely suggest you do not deal with these guys.

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11 May 08 12:36:12 pm
What? No they are basically rich pricks and what come across as halfway-artists. They peddle scams that anyone can do.

I can find the same TV in about 40 other areas not to mention countries, looks the same and does the same thing. Only its actually a good deal, comes with warranty and costs probably 1/3 of the price.

Also their website design is horrible. Unless you like dealing with things that have an alibaba, nigerian scam flavor to them....I would avoid this place like the plague.

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