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11 May 07 08:37:37 pm
Has anyone used Link hidden: Login to view ?

if so what are your thought's ?

Jimmy have you had any dealings ?

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14 May 07 11:27:43 pm
i looked at it and based on te FAQs page they say they source from past season, liquidations, ect. but they only source from everywhere but the usa or eu. i think they are fake myself but if anyone can say different it may be interesting.

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15 May 07 05:34:36 am
I would have to agree

Where are your products from?
They are sourced from agents based in Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Peru and Spain.

They are all most likely fakes.

What happens if my goods get stuck in customs?
We GUARANTEE DELIVERIES FOR ALL USA, UK & EUROPE ORDERS. If you are from these countries, there is NO chance of this happening!

Other Countries please note:
Our experience in the wholesale trade has taught us that the couriers play an important part in our business. We are dependent on them not only for deliveries but customs clearances. Over the years, we have identified the ones who are able to clear customs quickly, hassle free. Though their shipping charges may be significantly higher, it guarantees the delivery. None of our shipments have been detained by customs as they have had the necessary country of origin documents. However, should customs confiscate them, we will not be held liable.

My translations. Over the years they have has so much crap confiscated that they have had to try many couriers and they chose the one they believed could get the product through the country without frequent customs inspections

Just my opinion but why would a buyer have to worry about seized items if they were legit??? Only fake items get seized. And why would a wholesaler put this on thier site if it wasnt a common thing that happens to thier buyers.

Steer clear

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17 May 07 03:52:06 pm


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