www.dhgate.com. any good?

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5 Jan 07 04:11:46 pm
I have being looking to order from dhgate, they seem ok as they accepy paypal so this has made me feel comfortbable using them, they only problem is the postage, it is very hight! does any one have and legitimate suppliers they can give me, must have a website and accepy paypal. thanks Rich

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12 Jan 07 06:13:58 am
dhgate does have high shipping but you must consider buying in larger quantities. Most of the listings have better shipping prices when you order 10 or more units.

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14 Jan 07 02:10:30 pm
on dhgate the guy beiging2008 has ipods like

ipod video 80gb serial # not same on back and box

what does that mean? should i worry?

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14 Jan 07 06:36:27 pm
I've purchased 10 ipod 6gb from this website the units are not fakes but they told me that they were new units and when my items came they were not new they were used/refurbished.

2. SN# on back of ipod is not the same as SN# on system I called Apple and gave them the SN# on the system and they could not verify it and then I gave the Apple the SN# on the back of the same ipod and Apple was able to verify that #?

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1 Mar 07 09:14:32 am
when buying ipods off dhgate make sure they come with international warranty

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1 Mar 07 11:43:58 am
I've had some issues on DHGate. First off, it's usually a pain to communicate with people, since the sellers are based in China. I've also had experiences where it seems like I've been dealing with numerous people for the same retailer, so they all tell me different things. Second, I ordered a product, and two weeks later the guy emailed me saying he was out of stock, he'll give me a refund. I didn't get a refund for 2 weeks, and it was DHGate holding up the refund.

Just my two cents =)


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