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13 Apr 08 10:25:39 pm
HI everyone and to to the staff here I just want to say you are a great site this is and all the horrible blogs I see on the net ocasionaly baggin salehoo well I don't know which planet those people are on because this has to be the most honest site with the most honest I know :)
Before I ask my question, If Jimmy or any of the other workers here read this I do no know why you advertise. DHGATE. I have had to sut up my Australian auction site because of crap goods and they still owe me money from back in February. I am still writing to Sandy the dispute manager and thinking of going to one of our current affairs programs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THEY WILL THEY WILL NOT OR HAVE NOT REFUNDED ME, WHERE I HAD A ORDER FOR 2 BAGS AND ONE WAS OUT OF STOCK. I PAID 43$ AND IT WAS NEVER SENT. IT IS ALL ON RECORD AND THEY WON'T GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK FOR NOTHING. THEY AR A BUNCH OF THIEVES :evil: :twisted: . And they owe me about another $300. They are driving me insane. WELL THATS MY COMPLAINT FOR TODAY AND I HAVE LOST OVER $1000 BECAUSE OF THEM.
Now back to my business at hand. I hav decided to join ebid where I get lifetime membership, so no selling or final fees. I want to sell only to American and those in the UK.
So I need ideas guys of dropshippers from the UK or USA that have a good rep and I won't be geting getting complaints and want refunds. Anything from electtronics, clothing,bags and I don't want copy designer bgs. A good bag dropshipper with reaonable prices of just fashion bags. Jewellery. As many dropshippers s you can give me to start the ball rolling so I can start listing and get someof my money back that I have lost form DHGATE. I AM A SINGL MUM and they have really struggle. I would appreciate your hepl so much s I have done from your great advice in the past year or so.

Thanks to all in advance for any answers. (and if you cn think of a way of getting money back from a bunch of thieves like Dhgate let me know,. REALLY THAT IS STEALING. THEY TOOK MY MONEY, TOLD ME THE BAG WAS OUT OF STOCK AND THEN I OPOPENED A DISPUTE, SUBMITTED IT TO DHGATE AND THE STAFF WON'T GIVE ME BCK MY MONEY) I have even written to Sandy/Dispute manage and guess what he is tellingme to submit my disputes to them. They are closed, I have submitted the disputes to them, sent picturse, even returned bags to them and of Course they say they never received them. no wonder , nobody want the olympic gamesin CHINA. sorry I am not a happy chappy with them

So please help me make some money and send me loads of ideas and non rip off agents. Local. NO CHINESE. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

Deb from Downunder :D

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17 Feb 09 11:14:54 pm
Have a browse here Link hidden: Login to view for dropship suppliers. Ones that have been rated are good to look at as Salehoo members have left reviews on what their products, service and shipping is like.

All the best.

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view


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