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www.dollardays.com - Anyone used them?

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4 Jun 06 07:32:21 am
has anyone used them?

Ive seen a few dollar item stores and am a bit cautious...

any help would be greatly appreciated

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4 Jun 06 03:40:24 pm
I've signed up with dollar days but I haven't purchased anything yet. From what I've seen they seem legit, but again I haven't purchased anything. Once I build up some money, if I find something I like, I may buy from them.

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4 Jun 06 07:24:54 pm
I have purchased items before from them and everything went well.

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4 Jun 06 07:27:33 pm
If you are looking for dollar store type items I would also suggest Link hidden: Login to view I have purchased from them many times before. They offer fast shipping and have excellent customer service as well.

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30 Nov 15 06:20:55 pm
l am a new Sale Hoo member. Has anyone used Dollar days. Is there return policy good. Can they be trusted for drop shipping and whole sale business.?

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30 Nov 15 08:09:50 pm
If you are referring to this supplier Link hidden: Login to view Dollardays International, then they are a fully verified supplier in our directory. You can review their returns policy on their website for clarification.

Mark (fudjj)

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3 Dec 15 07:07:19 pm
Hi all,

I use Dollar Days all the time. They are fast, reliable and helpful.. If you get in on one of their sales, you can turn a decent profit, Give them a try!
You may also want to look at Kole Imports. cheap dollar day stuff and they are also awesome!

Klassy Gurl


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