www.ezdropshipper.com - My feedback on their prices

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17 Mar 07 05:39:29 pm
After paying listing and selling fees there is very little profit , no profit, or a loss.

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18 Mar 07 02:01:56 pm
With most dropshippers you will only make a couple dollars an item. I have heard good things about Link hidden: Login to view

I have used Link hidden: Login to view and made a little.

They are two different dropshippers.

WEB STORE: Link hidden: Login to view
EBAY STORE: Link hidden: Login to view

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14 Apr 08 04:53:18 am
They are in the Salehoo directory with a 3 star rating.

Here are the reviews:

Reviewed by: wilmar23
Reviewed on: 2007-03-26
Rating: 1 star

I was making great money with this company's products until recently. I have placed multiple orders since March 16 and have yet to receive any shipping information and now, after talking with them for a solid week, they tell me the product has been on backorder. I can no longer recommend this company for dropshipping products to eBay anymore because they just are not reliable anymore. Their Customer Service department will promise you things and nothing will get done. Communication is very poor. Too bad, they were pretty good!

Reviewed by: charmedviews
Reviewed on: 2007-02-14
Rating: 5 star

I have had the privilege of ordering from this company twice.1 was a Liquid Leather Repair Kit; it was for a customer in Canada. They would NOT drop ship outside the USA, but did get the product to me within a reasonable time so I could it to the customer. The 2nd time it was a drop ship for the customer was in the USA, the customer after receiving the product told me in a email 'i actually got the product a few days before i expected it which speeded up the job we had to do”, resulted in a positive feed back for me. I would HIGHLY recommend this company if you’re looking for as seen on TV' products.

Here is the link:

Link hidden: Login to view

Hope they help :)

Have you got your own online store yet? Link hidden: Login to view

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14 Apr 08 09:22:34 am
I used ezdropshipper in the past and had problems with item descriptions. What they had in the description was not what the customer received. They also sent out damaged product. They do have poor customer service but they did make everything right for me eventually. There are so many people selling this stuff on eBay you do not have much room to make a profit. I would not recommend them for selling on eBay. Oh and btw you can also expect them to call you and see why you have not placed a order lately. I had a guy by the name of Mark calling me at least once a week!

The other site mentioned ezdropship.com is the same company as Link hidden: Login to view and they on the other hand do a awesome job! Fast shipping, great customer service, and quality items. We have others that we use as well listed on our site located in the signature.

Good Luck!


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