www.iwdsc.com - anyone heard of this site?

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19 Oct 08 01:53:38 pm
HI guys, anyone heard of this site?

Any opinions?

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19 Oct 08 04:20:21 pm
Yes they have nice signs,and nice animals that sing.You can
set it up on your website for people to listen to the animals sing.They been around for about 18 years if not longer.

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20 Oct 08 11:20:43 pm
Singapore you were just issued a 7 day ban in our forum and now you are here doing the same thing! I really do appreciate the free advertising but this is not the way I want to get it. This is just bad business! I am going to say this once more! Wholesale List 101 and Salehoo are not the same and we do not have the same listings! Stop spreading this all over the forums and get your facts straight! Salehoo runs a respectful site and offers it's members a great service and I hardly think it's fair for someone to come in here and use my site to try to destroy that reputation!


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