www.luxurybrandsllc.com Anyone used them?

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24 Dec 06 11:01:39 am
Has anyone here used Link hidden: Login to view ?? You need to pay $100 to access most of their items, but this fee is refundable later apparently.

They seem to have some very nice items, so I'm just wondering if anyone has had any good/bad experiences with this company?

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13 Jan 07 12:40:49 pm
Have not used them, as they are of no use to us from Australia. The Customs here will seize almost any trademark & copyrighted goods

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19 Mar 07 04:01:46 am
luxurybrands delivered in US. Bought a mixed lot from them about 3 yrs ago. All legit merchandise.

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19 Mar 07 06:33:26 am
Hi, I myself have not bought from this com[any before, However I have read in this forum that they are a legitimate source of Luxury products. However with their Starter Lots, many of which conain ties, sunglasses, and dresses/skirts: They are usually last seasons items that did not sell well at all. I dont think you would make too much money with those items on Ebay unless you have a great ad and a reserve price.

Just my 2 cents ;-)

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21 Mar 07 12:10:58 pm
I had the same experience with them. I bought the membership and purchased the $500 starter lot. It was legit stuff but didn't sell well on Ebay. Ended up having to sell it with no reserve and lost about $200.


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