www.mahibay.com - anyone using them? are they any good?

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8 Feb 07 07:07:50 pm
Is anyone using this site? If you are is it as good as what there charging?? mini: 2000 max 6000 ..

Thank you and God Bless
Diane :D

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8 Feb 07 08:33:23 pm
Well put it this way see the testiminial on the top left on the opening page..

'I can't believe the money you can make with a drop ship website through Mahibay! I've made over $100,000 in the past 6 months with my website!

As I have said before in previous posts there is no dropshipper that works in your favor.
This person probably sold most of his items near retail. So he made good profits on his product. Being sold on his personal website.

But to an ebay seller trying to sell in a wholesale environment. Its very hard. And most likely the same person would fail.

The decision is yours of course but thats my 2 cents.

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9 Feb 07 11:37:26 pm
The best thing about mahibay is that they get rich off of your $2000-$6000. I would say there is a good profit to be made (for them) FUNNY FUNNY HA HA HA

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28 Feb 07 05:54:16 pm
I have problem trusting a company that refuses to show what they have and what are their policies.

Feedback are always good and easy - I can give one for xyz dropshipper:

Wow, I made my first $10,000 in weeks on eBay. Thank you xyz.

Do you want another one? :D

There is no such thing as free or cheap money. If you want to make money, it will take time and work even with the best wholesale list in hand.

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6 Apr 07 12:15:22 am
Hello All,

I am a new member of salehoo and I've been looking around the forums when I came across this string concerning mahibay. Please STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. It is a major scam. The owners of this company started several companies under different names. Here are the few I know of:
Whether it's mahibay, zibus or simplx, they are all scams started by the crooks. Contrary to their claims, they have no relationships with any suppliers, you will get no special discounts, they are all started by the same people and worse of all, you will find yourself out of over $5,000. Check the web using any search engine and you will find a ton of angery people from across any number of forums. Here are just a few links to check out:

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I've been selling on online since 1999 (back before many people was.) I've sold wholesale, retail and I've also brokered deals. I
ve seen a lot of good people loose a lot of money and in some cases their business because of crooks like these. So, be very careful.

Good Luck Everyone.

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16 Apr 07 04:24:33 am
man oh man , i register with silpx at thiis site
promotion, now what can i do with my money? does salehoo
filter and check their advertiser like this

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18 Apr 07 01:17:43 am
SaleHoo runs google adsense in the members area and really don't have control over what ads are being generated by Google.

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30 Nov 07 12:05:25 pm
This is why Salehoo is the best--because of this awesome forum! I too was looking into Simplx and Mahibay! Thank God I never signed up!!!

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16 Dec 08 12:16:31 am
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