www.mkenterprise.com or www.Chinavasion.com?

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7 Nov 06 10:19:42 am

Just wondering what people's experiences were using MK Enterprises or Chinavasion?

Do they deliver on time. Do they sell junk and how is their customer service? Are they scammers?

Thanks :)

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7 Nov 06 11:08:35 pm
They are both defintely not scammers. Many SaleHoo mebers have purchased with both.

MK Enterprise sell genuine products and Chinavasion sell 'Made in China' non-branded products. Both are very good for reselling but it just depending what market you want to go into.

Selling non-branded will have greater margins (generally) but selling branded merchandise is alot easier to reselling as people know the brands.

Hope this helps you out.

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17 Nov 06 03:14:33 am
Hi there.

I have used chinavasion for a while. They deliver non brand products at a good price.

they are in my opinion slow in delivery. It can take up to 12 business days from you place and pay an order till they ship the goods. But yes. They are definately worth using.

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17 Nov 06 10:37:24 pm

I also have been using Chinavasion for a while and have had no problems with them at all, althought there products are non branded they are excellent quality and value.

they state delivery is 7-12 Days i have found if you order just 1 unit then its usually spot on 12 days, but bigger ordes seem to get processed quicker.

There customer service is excellent also and they accept Paypal.

Just remember you have to pay inport duties, but this is usually kept to a minimum as they declare goods under the value or as gifts.

I would advise placing a low value order with them first off and take it from there.

Good luck.


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23 May 07 02:59:16 am
Ive been using chinavasion for awhile and I highly recomend them. I received an order 5 days after paying and the customer service is top notch.


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