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27 Dec 06 06:07:28 pm
Does anyone have any dealings with MK Enterprise in hong kong?? i have read a few bad stories but not sure what the truth is? i am looking at using them for dropshipping.... does anyone else use them?

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28 Dec 06 04:28:47 am
Thanks for your question and I do appreciate your concern. We have purchased from them over 10 times now and have had no troubles at all. Only two orders have been stopped by customs for GST (as has to be expected from time to time) but we have received all packages in a timely and well delivered fashion.

Obviously we can never 100% guarantee anything as this would be very unwise of us however the feedback from a lot of other customers should speak for mkenterpise.com

If you have any worries I suggest doing two things:

Phoning them up to discuss your concerns, as they may be able to help you in answering these concerns for you over the phone.
Purchasing a smaller order to begin with to gain some trust of how they operate and do business (this way you are obviously risking a lot less if you are worried)

If you have any further questions on them please try contacting them and they will be all to happy to help you out.

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28 Dec 06 05:11:54 am
Please refer to the appropriate post. Thanks

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