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1 Dec 07 11:17:27 pm
Anyone know anything about this company Link hidden: Login to view they are on dhgate but wont accept payment through dhgate they say they accept paypal is this safe? any help would be very appriciated.

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2 Dec 07 02:32:51 am
Well my read on the site would be to stay away.

They have only been in business about 30 days.

On top of that they are using a hotmail account for customer service and contact. Not a good omen.

Also did you actually read what they say about paypal payments??

It's kinda broken english but the point of the matter is that they will only accept paypal if you purchase '10 or more units'..PLUS they want you to pay for shipping in advance....

You had probably better think about shopping elsewhere..

This is a copy and paste from their page on paypal:

Dear friend:
Because using the payment of PAYPAL lasts for a long time, the product that this station is cheat to take is excessive.A time just in the adjustment, during the period of adjustment temporary not accept the payment of PAYPAL.

if you want accept paypal you must buy above 10 units and pay the shipping frist

Thank for corporation!!

Not a way I would do business. At the very least they will have your shipping funds.

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2 Dec 07 03:25:27 am
Be very careful, I dealt with a very similar company and never got my order. Now they claim they need more money for taxes. In other words, I am out of money and out of luck.

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2 Dec 07 05:21:31 pm
Thanks for the help. i thought it seemed a bit dodgy.


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