www.saoxie.com - are they reliable or not?

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10 Jun 07 06:56:03 pm

Has anyone used this site before? Or bought anything from them?
Are they scammers?
Do they sell fake goods and did you receive your goods at all?

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12 Jun 07 05:12:53 pm
they look pretty fake

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16 Jun 07 05:41:20 am
The first thing I do when I checkout a website for any possible 'scamness', is to see what payment choices they offer. Well, with this case in point (Link hidden: Login to view), As soon as I saw the infamous Western Union logo, my 'spider senses' rang off the hook! And to make things worse, other than the Western Union payment method, a bank cash transfer was the only other payment choice made available, NOT GOOD!!! So to recap, if you got the financial balls to send money to these jokers and expect something in return, well, to quote a famous warning: Be Afraid....Be Very Afraid! :twisted:

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16 Jun 07 07:23:16 am
Actually this website has been in operation since 2003. But information suggests they have actually been in operation since 2000.

That does not conform to known scammer websites. But for your information this site is listed on many blacklists as a company that scams people.

It is definately recommended not to purchase from them.

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16 Jun 07 10:30:59 pm
I doubt they are a complete scam, because their site sells so many small value items and obviously took a while to setup. they are based in china, and since they sell fake goods cant apply for a permit to deal in dollars and get a paypal account. They also wouldnt want to deal in traceable payment methods because it would provide authorities with information on the size of their operation. (Despite its reputation as the world center of fake merchandise, the chinese government is cracking down on it)
However, as a source of fake merchandise it appears to have a good range and decent pricing. The mark-up on the designer handbags would be about 1000% (If you have unscrupulous morals)


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