www.shop198.com - good for consumer electronics?

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5 Sep 07 10:25:28 pm

does anyone know if this company Link hidden: Login to view is legit, they have some great electronics like LCD Sony Bravia TV's, PS3 etc. i want to buy from them, as they claim to accept paypal. Please give feedback.thanks

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6 Sep 07 04:27:59 am
I would have to say this site is a scam , chineese company registered under a claifornia address. Free email account. Too many red flags on this one bud.

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6 Sep 07 02:54:01 pm
Stay away from them ! Looks like a scam !

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24 Sep 07 05:06:17 pm
any 'wholesaler' that does not ask for either a resale certificate or a tax id most likely is not a true wholesaler. :D

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23 Nov 07 08:09:57 pm
i used this company before payed by paypal. never got my items they said it was stuck in customs. but luckly they gave me a full refund

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23 Nov 07 08:14:12 pm
In regards to supertaz49: statement regarding resale certs

is there any way Jimmy you could set up a scan for wholesalers that require resale cert or Tax id...as they truly seem to be more reputable and not MIDDLEMEN skimming off the top and making profits on us...thanks...vic

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25 Nov 07 06:31:08 pm
Shop198 is definately a scam site,,I listed it in this forum a dozen times as being a scam site. It's listed on every 'scam alert' site and also on google and ebay forums as being one of the biggest rip off sites on the web...There are also several sister sites to this main site with variations on the name..so watch out for those too..

Always check one or several of the scam alert sites, and do a 'whois' serach and at the very least a google search before you do business with any site...


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