www.suriyafotodigital.in.th ?? Are they scammers?

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23 Nov 06 10:08:03 pm
Hi has anyone out there used Suriya Foto Digital?

I ordered a small qty of goods 5 wks ago but have not received them yet. I'm starting to think they are scammers. I have had some contact but it has been limited.

They are supposed to be based in Thailand which seems to check out.

The only reason for the delay they have given me so far is that Thailand have just opened their new airport and a lot of freight has gone missing. The new airport part is true but I find it hard to beleive that Fed-Ex has lost all their freight. They also haven't given me a tracking number.

You can check them out here:

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Please let me know if anyone has had dealings with them. If they are scammers I plan to post them all over the web and contact the Thai authorities. It's only a small amount of $$ but it's the principle.


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13 Dec 06 11:10:29 pm
They are expensive. you can get better prices in the US

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14 Dec 06 07:05:14 am
I agree prices are more like retail then anything.

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15 Dec 06 03:47:15 am
If they are scammers I don't think you can't do anything about. Also I am sure that they aren't registered as a business. I hope you can post a review on the web, that would help other people.

The same happened to me. I ordered from Indonesia and never got anything. I mean I am just waiting for a week, but didn't receive any tracking number. Here's their website Link hidden: Login to view
Mayby I am wrong about them.

Check this website: Link hidden: Login to view
Never ordered because I am still waiting for a pricelist. Apperently they accept Escrow.com
Hope that will help


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